ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: How to Monetize Big Data | Mathias Lundø Nielsen | TEDxKEA

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: How to Monetize Big Data | Mathias Lundø Nielsen | TEDxKEA

Here’s Great Tip: How to Monetize Big Data | Mathias Lundø Nielsen | TEDxKEA

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The exponential growth and availability of data has come to play a pivotal role in the manner in which individuals, companies and society at large operate. Big data has become a buzzword, and while businesses scramble to utilize the constant flow of information, a succesful formula for monetizing big data is yet to be found.

26-year-old serial entrepreneur Mathias Lundø Nielsen just might have discovered that magical formula. He is determined to show the world how we can utilize big data to bring unparalleled value to consumers and businesses alike, as he himself is doing at the moment with his latest venture in the luxury hotel industry.

Mathias Lundø Nielsen is a 26-year-old serial entrepreneur, who has already enjoyed enormous success with several businesses across various industries, from fashion to hotel booking. He is currently using big data to revolutionize the way we book our holidays.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

25 Replies to “ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: How to Monetize Big Data | Mathias Lundø Nielsen | TEDxKEA”

  1. Summary:

    1) Personalization: Make recommendations on an individual basis using big data.
    For example, he makes a recommendation system (sort of like how YouTube or Netflix does) to help find good places for wealthy clients who want an excellent vacation based on their personal needs.
    He also works with vacation businesses to help them find their ideal customers.

    2) Distribution: Finding ways to get thing A to B as efficiently as possible.

    Sidenote: All of his customers have a lot of money.
    That includes rich individuals and large organizations.

  2. Ngl kind of scary that dudes like this probably use the "yeah you know I sold the data that made trump and brexit possible" to get laid in some boring London nightclub. I mean this dude's capitalistic approach to data (incredible with the oil comparison goddamm that's cynical) is literally deciding our digital future. And before you know it some business fratboy sells the a HD recording of you crying while eating ice cream in front of your smart TV to both the ice cream maker (nestle btw check the label) and a advertising company that decides that this might make you eligible for thier list of "people that get shown an inappropriate amount of baby Yoda memes in order to get them to use Disney +". Like this is the future we'll all enjoy way too soon if we continue with this shite.
    That's it Ted was right xox tschau

  3. Edward Snowden wrote a book about this and this guys making all the money from this idea. NSA/CIA/ FBI all USE Face Book to track everyone on FB. In case no one knew that Mark "The So Called Owner/CEO" Works for the CIA and was AWARDED by that Agency.

  4. The misuse of the 10.000 hour rule really bothers me more than the reference to women. Anders Ericsson analyzed absolute peak world-class performance. And no if you don't want to be the Tiger Woods of Data Science you dont need to put in 10.000 hours.

  5. Did he mean the word astronomist? Not astrology! Astrology has nothing to do with astronomy! Big difference astrology are these psychics in whatever predicting what you're going to do from the Stars but astronomy is finding out about our universe and the Stars big difference! And I can tell you this much God determines my future not astrology!

  6. I think the point people are missing when he said big data being complicated like woman and he meant understanding the data is almost like understanding woman.. when you think you understand them you are truly mistaken, and thats what he means not any negative reference just a reference to being how hard it may be to truly understand woman completely

  7. Very nicely done. Big Data is MORE than just a buzzword. When someone is able to REALLY UNDERSTAND what the data means (without the fancy technical jargon and sales hyperbole), it TRULY becomes a meaningful and powerful tool.

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