ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: It Doesn't Take Money To Make Money | Brandon Leibel | TEDxSDSU

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: It Doesn't Take Money To Make Money | Brandon Leibel | TEDxSDSU

Here’s Great Tip: It Doesn't Take Money To Make Money | Brandon Leibel | TEDxSDSU

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Starting a business is all fun and games until you’re eating ramen everyday and using your kitchen as an office space — hear SoundCloud’s co-founder’s story to success filled with a lack of funding, innovative marketing ideas and heartfelt anecdotes.
It wasn’t long ago that Brandon Leibel attended San Diego State University with dreams of working in the movie industry. He graduated in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in television, film and new media. However, Leibel’s love for San Diego pushed him to stick around, opting for a sales position at a local insurance company.

After working for the company for less than a year, Leibel, along with his two best friends, decided to quit their jobs to start their own company. Extensive surveying and tireless experimentation resulted in Sand Cloud: a popular beach apparel company that has expanded its operation from Leibel’s apartment to a 2,000 square foot warehouse within a few years. Leibel is eager to share how he reimagined traditional business models with his fellow Aztecs. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

30 Replies to “ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: It Doesn't Take Money To Make Money | Brandon Leibel | TEDxSDSU”

  1. I’m starting my small business but I’m a bit lost into this, My lack of study makes me overthink so much when comes to a decisive moment I have a problem since child dealing with maths and was slow learning in this subject, But I’m trying everyday to develop something from my head to use as a tool in order to achieve the success

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  3. The experience shared in this video simply informs me even more that life itself is and endless resource that we can tap from and make our dreams a reality and not the make money to make money attitude.

  4. My parents started their company with credit cards….. 150k total…. paid it all back within 1.5 years …. huge risk…… huge reward. Business is going strong 10 years later

  5. I think the big learning is that not having money makes you creative in how to solve problems.
    All that you make is win.
    It doesn't matter if you're happy or not with the learnings.
    The focus to solve problems to make money (what is also a problem) makes you strong and unbeatable.

  6. Whoever looks for success, always makes a mistake, thinks that the important thing is the arrival, but what is really important is the trip, not the arrival. And you only realize the error when it's all over!

  7. Yes. Exactly. Anyone can found a product that cannot survive without advertising… And then what? You have the listeners and the creators and most of them are PISSED. The listeners who have framed Soundcloud as their indie music library for the past decade can not even access their own collection without being assaulted. It is now plain to see their long term collections have no intrinsic value to the company… makes great sense. On the other hand – the creator. Many artists pay Soundcloud to host their work so that listeners don't need to hear ads. Those artists have never agreed to allow Soundcloud make ad revenue off of their independently made content – some of them don't even want their art monetized! Then, of course, there are those that do… But the catalogue of those who do not cannot be ignored, and those are the creator who not only generated the raw power behind the platform, but have actually profoundly affected the future of music. SC will not last into 2030 unless they return to their heart & soul; a strong platform for bedroom producers. The one thing no other streaming model will ever have. Soundcloud will be excavated by their greed and I can only hope to watch a novel new media solution rise from the ashes.

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