ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Life Crisis? Start a Business | Bailey Richert | TEDxHarrisburg

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Life Crisis? Start a Business | Bailey Richert | TEDxHarrisburg

Here’s Great Tip: Life Crisis? Start a Business | Bailey Richert | TEDxHarrisburg

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A life crisis presents big questions about a person’s present and future paths which can be difficult to answer. Could starting a business provide the practical context an individual needs to work through these issues more productively? In this personal and amusing talk, business coach Bailey Richert shares six actionable questions learned through her entrepreneurial journey which will help anyone in the midst of a life crisis identify small, meaningful steps forward.

Bailey Richert is a business coach who helps individuals launch profitable online enterprises as “infopreneurs”: respected experts in their fields creating value and generating income by sharing their life experience, knowledge and passions with others in a manner that supports their ideal lifestyles.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

41 Replies to “ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Life Crisis? Start a Business | Bailey Richert | TEDxHarrisburg”

  1. I tried starting a business still don't feel fulfilled, not to mention its inconsistency and lack of stable business that's not the answer something else is still missing.

  2. THIS SPOKE TO ME. I'm only 18 but I moved out at 14 in pursuit of a dance career… after devoting all my time to it, I realized that I would have very little creative freedom, and if I continued the same path I wouldn't get to be the 'artist' that had been falsely promised. Fell into such a deep depression that i couldn't get out of bed a few days per week, impulsively cut my own bangs and fantasized about my death all the time…this continued for two years and now I'm trying to heal. I'm still having dance in my life but I'm going to go about a career in a more 'freeing' way. After I get the psychological help which I currently need:)

  3. I would agree that the corporate life was sold to millennials, probably due to the creation of pensions, increased healthcare costs, and credit in the late 70's. But times are so different now, those promises yield lower returns, real wages are stagnant and there are hardly any easy and enjoyable opportunities. Retirement doesn't even look like a feasible option to many, or comes at a more extreme cost than it did for our parents. With these new circumstances and the information at our reach I think it's a brilliant time to be creative with our lives. I hope that many take that time to develop their own small businesses like you're promoting. Thanks, that was real and great.

  4. Great talk. Thanks for sharing 😀 Who knows, maybe crises/other feelings which lead to increased self-reflection should be embraced as the opportunity for growth they are?

  5. Stop questioning about problems and start clarifying your higher purpose in life make a bigger impact in the world leave a legacy by making your own social enterprise.Find me out for more details .

  6. Is there any correlation between giving ted talks and suffering from anxiety? Because it was mentioned in the last four or five talks I've watched. Seems like everyone on the internet has anxiety. Just curious

  7. I’ve started a business at 25. This is a great idea. We need learn about who we are and who we can become through creative decision making. We must learn to take risks. Great idea. Not so great talk.

  8. you are an amazing public speaker! It was a pleasure to hear your thoughts, opinions and experiences. You are very articulate, thorough, and come across as legitimately sincere. Great Delivery!!!!

  9. I had a crisis at 47, I was laid off and my Daughter 20 had a crisis no one wanted to hire her. I decided this was never going to happen again. My daughter got a dream job working for friends who own their own business. I'm on a joint venture with my husband and friends and working out a plan for another business. In short it is hard but I'm no longer suffocating in a job that was…just a meaningless job. We're not robots people so stop treating yourself as one.

  10. Great job … had to pause a bit and "reframe" you. Now I know where your passion comes from. Appreciate all of your customer service; products; programs; and, affiliation. Don't stop giving and working on your legacy! It's a great pursuit and the rewards are awesome indeed.

  11. I am going through a life crisis myself, as 22 yo that is failing university. I did already figure out the points she made, but the hard part is figuring out how to work on them. The only way I see myself getting through is by dropping the studies, start working, get out of this 'trapping' enivrement and invest the money in the things I want to achieve (successful YouTube channel). But the big problem with that is making my friends and family understand me. Most just say that I am wasting my opportunities that way, that I should know better, that I should think about not raising my kids in poverty (I don't have kids and I am still single, so it is not like those kids will be a factor in the upcoming years) etc. As if university is the only way to get happiness in life, but at the moment it is also the thing crushing life out of me.

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