ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Population growth and food supply– bottom up or top down? | Tom Wilson | TEDxTucsonSalon

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Population growth and food supply– bottom up or top down? | Tom Wilson | TEDxTucsonSalon

Here’s Great Tip: Population growth and food supply– bottom up or top down? | Tom Wilson | TEDxTucsonSalon

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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. University of Arizona Professor Tom Wilson presents an economic perspective about population growth and food supply.

Tom Wilson is an Associate Professor of Practice at The University of Arizona, as a faculty member of the Soil, Water and Environmental Science Department for over 12 years. After getting an undergraduate degree in Biology from Reed College he worked at various jobs including a position as a horticulturist at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. He later received his Ph.D. in Soil and Water Science from The University of Arizona and shortly afterwards accepted a Lecturer position in the same Department. He is a Bart Cardon Teaching Academy Fellow, and works closely with the UA Honors College, serving on the Curriculum Committee and teaching two Honors classes, including HNRS 170A1 Human Reproduction and the Environment. He also teaches several classes for Soil, Water and Environmental Science, including the introductory Soil Science Class. Outside of the fall and spring semesters he co-teaches a summer class in Namibia and a winter class in Ecuador, and is developing a second summer class in Australia, all through the UA Study Abroad program. He has received the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Faculty Teaching Award, the Provost’s General Education Teaching Award, and was a finalist for this year’s UA Five Star Faculty Award.

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34 Replies to “ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Population growth and food supply– bottom up or top down? | Tom Wilson | TEDxTucsonSalon”

  1. I generally value Ted Talks. This one was a sad disappointment. The population explosion rhetoric of the 1960s was debunked years ago. Why do we have to relive this nonsense?

  2. @Tom Wilson and the others that commented. We must know and teach the fundamentals of reproduction in a finite space (Earth). If your descendants average more than 2, your descendants will kill your descendant children at the rate of (x-2)/x where x is how many babies your descendants average. For example, if everyone else has zero babies, but your descendants maintain an average of say 3 babies, 1/3rd of your descendant children will fail to become adults.

    This dirt simple math is constantly overlooked. Knowing it, changes everything we understand about population.

  3. The UN is already starting to revise down their population predictions, we haven’t had a non war/politics caused famine since ‘85 and China is starting to feel the negative effects of their one child policy so…….this talk didn’t age well.

  4. Obviously the man is blind. The real problem of modern mankind not overpopulation and starvation but obesity. Look around you, how many people starve? How many are overweight or obese?

  5. This is typical of population experts. They seem to fail to understand basic math. He asks you to think about how many babies you should have but does not explain the basic math. Children must die at the rate of (x-2)/x where x is how many babies we average. If we average 3 babies, 1/3rd of the children will die. (If the food supply is increasing like it has for the past several hundred years, for example because we discover refrigeration or the green revolution, then fewer than that formula dictates will die, but of course the food supply cannot be increasing forever). He fails to explain that if your descendants average more than 2, they will drive the numbers to the limit thus killing your descendant's children even if everyone else has no babies from now on. The president of Nigeria stated that people should not have more than they can afford. Let's think about what happens if we all follow that algorithm. Nobody will have a baby if in the next say 18 years they will be unable to feed that child. Great! no child will die because we average too many babies. However, if the rich, average 3, then 1/3rd of their children will grow up to be so poor they cannot afford to make a baby. Of course the people of Nigeria objected. They have never been taught the basic math I just outlined.

    Failure to comprehend basic math results in unworkable solutions. We need to teach these basic concepts to everyone in the world. We need to stop mucking the topic with the supply side.

  6. I agreed with you,today's we're living likes Sardines, one upon the others. You're talking about foods deficiency, you're right ; more populations means more pollution's,climates changing,grass,vegetables,fruits not growing,animals starving, and bye- bye humans beens ! And if we don't dying from starving, we would because over heating. After Poles starting melting, the Earth starting Wobbles around the axis, sometime the Pole's ( North Pole's ) reaching North America, some time Scandinavia . The more Poles melting,those phenomenon are getting more effective.

  7. How about mass sterilization of those areas where people refuse to control their population? Future terrorist may seed chemicals into food and water to make people totally sterile? Lots will happen in the future. Hang on for the ride.

  8. wrong.. under developed countries are under developed because they have to many children.
    they cause poor access to food, depletion of family wealth and increaced crime which also promotes more child birth because only the survivors fill the next generation..
    see below

  9. Overpopulation is an Asian and Africans problem.
    There is not overpopulation problem in Russia or Australia6 or in Europe or in the american. Continent.
    If the continental borders of the American. Continents would be closed.
    If is possible to develop7 a self sufficient continent.
    We have all types of resources to make this possible.

  10. Introduce and promote extreme feminism, Red Pill and MGTOW. Those will put traditional value societal norms of marriage and family into declining population rate.

  11. How to reduce hunger & overpopulation & poverty:
    1. Outlaw breeding humans. Zero child law.
    2. Outlaw breeding animals for meat & clothing. Do this primarily for the animals' health, but huge benefit for humans
    in reduced water & energy consumption. Go vegan until biocultured meat is mass produced

    Make the world perfectly fair & energy sustainable first before people are allowed to reproduce again.
    Until then: mandate vasectomies & abortions.

  12. Decentralization of food supplies is not always feasible. Much land is not arable. Rocks and lack of water shape agriculture. Our shipping routes determine feasible life at this point.

  13. Your perspective on population growth is spot on, sir! I very much enjoyed this vid. Your point of view captures exactly what is happening in our world and what needs to be done

  14. How to solve over population: To decrease population and/or keep it from going overboard is to simply use methods such as promoting birth control more. I see a future where people will be required to have a license to have children. If they get pregnant without one, then it will mean mandatory abortion. People will likely be fit with a built in birth control at a very early age. If they fulfill the right prerequisites to have children then they will be given permission. Countless children are born in bad conditions and to parents who cannot afford to care for them or that are not fit to care for them for many reasons. I believe this is a good idea. Not all people should have a right to have a child at whim without being in the proper conditions to care for the child. This is a future solution that will very likely come about sooner or later.

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