ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Quit social media | Dr. Cal Newport | TEDxTysons

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Quit social media | Dr. Cal Newport | TEDxTysons

Here’s Great Tip: Quit social media | Dr. Cal Newport | TEDxTysons

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‘Deep work’ will make you better at what you do. You will achieve more in less time. And feel the sense of true fulfillment that comes from the mastery of a skill.

Cal Newport is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University. In addition to studying the theoretical foundations of our digital age, Newport also writes about the impact of these technologies on the world of work. His most recent book, Deep Work, argues that focus is the new I.Q. in the modern workplace and that the ability to concentrate without distraction is becoming increasingly valuable. He previously wrote So Good They Can’t Ignore You, a book which debunks the long-held belief that “follow your passion” is good advice, and three popular books of unconventional advice for students.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

38 Replies to “ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Quit social media | Dr. Cal Newport | TEDxTysons”

  1. I stopped using social media for the most part about 5 years ago. I felt it was bringing my mood down and I spent way too much of my time on my phone just browsing through. Most of the stuff I saw, I couldn't remember the next day and I felt like I didn't have enough free time outside of work because I always wasted in browsing thourh social media. After I decided I would cut back on it, I allowed myself to see what was going on for about 5 minutes every day. Years went by and my time spent on social media is about 10 minutes once a week. I can easily stop using them all together but I like to know what people are doing every now and then and so that I can stay somewhat up to date on the latest things that people are into. My biggest benefit from cutting back on it was that I had a ton more productive free time in my day, my self-esteem improved by a mile and my attention span got much much better. I was also able to enjoy the moments for what they were, instead of worrying about taking a good picture about it to post online. I feel like most people around me who still actively use social media are actively harming themselves in an addiction fueled anxiety marathon and they can't seem to stop even when they know what it does to them. It's an addiction to them. If you can't stop right away, just make a rule for yourself that you will cut back on the use actively and you'll start seeing the benefits which will motivate you to cut back further.

  2. Ehhh this guy seems a little over the top with his stance against social media, like his wife cheated on him with it or something, however I tend to agree with a lot of what he's saying, I quit social media a few years ago and I've noticed some benefits and do not miss it

  3. Today I got belittled in real life for not using social. I am still stunned. I can't believe real humans get picked on for not having facebook. By grown adults! I only rejoined YouTube a few days ago. How sad is this world coming too.

  4. I totally agree, but I think linkedin is different in one sense (even though it can also make you feel inadequate), which is finding jobs nearby. But other than that I couldnt have said what he did any better

  5. As someone who wanted to work in graphic design and film. I was pressured to be on social media but realized it wasted my time. I’m quitting today focusing on school and working towards opportunities I don’t have to fight so hard for because of the amount of followers I have

  6. Serious Question. I am a fitness/nutrition coach and personal trainer. Social media is literally how I market my services to stay relevant. I also work for a gym that REQUIRES the use of social media for advertising. Any tips on how to keep going on social media without going crazy?

  7. I quit social media and now I focus more in my life its a page that doesn’t reflect reality just facts, people sharing experiences and products and being off without it doesn’t feel like missing everything its more interesting to experience life as it is you have less resentment in making new connection and space to be mindful about your goals and plans in the now and future, again life is full of gifts and things to be grateful to live for outside screens

  8. It's also making me disgusted at myself when i find myself searching or watching other people in IG or youtube like streamers playing Minecraft or a vlog of someone. My inner me hates it

  9. As somebody who hasn't touched social media at all, but has friends who are avid users, I can confirm that is so much more of a mentally (and kind of physically) healthier lifestyle. It hurts to watch my friends get so absorbed in their Instagram and TikTok lives 🙁

  10. I deactivated my FB like 6 months ago & lately I’ve been feeling so disconnected from everyone back home that I’ve been having a literal CRAVING to deactivate it.

    I saved this video to watch when I get another craving and here we are. Really hope this guy is convincing enough to get me to delete my IG and Snapchat.

  11. I also left instagram after endless cycle of installing and uninstalling again and again. Today I am two days sober, but already feel the peace I am getting. To all those who are trying to quit, let's do it. 🙂

  12. I agree with most of the content. However, this is much easier for people who have not moved cities/countries much. It's helped me find a lot of friends I had lost contact with. Two days ago I found my best friend from 5th grade. Other than that – a lot of really valid points (even if I did get to this video via facebook).

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