ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: The Benefits of Boredom | Cindy Foley | TEDxWorthingtonED

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: The Benefits of Boredom | Cindy Foley | TEDxWorthingtonED

Here’s Great Tip: The Benefits of Boredom | Cindy Foley | TEDxWorthingtonED

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The benefits of boredom. I want to focus on an aspect of creativity that has been the catalyst for some of the greatest ideas in history… boredom. As I was developing the Center for Creativity, I began asking adults to recall moments of great creativity from their childhood. Story after story would recall fort building, bridges across creeks, traps intended for younger siblings etc., but most of those ideas began from a place of boredom. These were kids forced to fill their summer with ideas all of their own. As an educator obsessed with the diminishing creative opportunities for students in school, I am constantly considering the ways we as teachers can foster question development, curiosity and risk taking. But as a mom with a 11- and 8-year-old, I realize I may be hindering their creativity. We live in a society where children are used to being entertained by television, electronic games and overly structured time. So I vowed, I would make way for BOREDOM…even if it killed me.

Cindy Meyers Foley is the Executive Deputy Director for Learning and Experience at the Columbus Museum of Art. Foley worked to reimagine the CMA as a 21st century institution that is engaging, meaningful and transformative –an institution that impacts the health and growth of the community by cultivating, celebrating and championing creativity. In 2012, Foley received the Greater Columbus Arts Council Community Arts Partnership award for Arts Educator. She has been a keynote speaker for the 2015 Maryland Art Education Conference, the 2015 Art of Education Conference and the 2012 Ohio Art Education Association Conference. In November 2014, she was a TEDxColumbus Speaker presenting Teaching Art or Teaching to Think like an Artist.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  1. I knew a kindergarden teacher who took away all toys from kids. For a year. They made their own toys. Studies of this teacher has shown splash of creativity and cognitive functions. It all took place in Russia, Far East village, 5 years ago or so.

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