ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: The Fear of Starting | Mark Soderwall | TEDxRedding

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: The Fear of Starting | Mark Soderwall | TEDxRedding

Here’s Great Tip: The Fear of Starting | Mark Soderwall | TEDxRedding

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Mark Soderwall shares how to get over the fear of starting and let your ideas loose on a world waiting.

Mark Soderwall has been professionally directing and designing video games for the past nearly three decades, including at LucasArts, ATARI and Electronic Arts. Mark has helped to define and visually innovate experiences on StarWars, CloneWars, LEGO and Terminator for game players worldwide.

Mark is now a full time creative entrepreneur, co-founding two successful startups in Redding, CA as well as an online university that teaches aspiring game developers how to successfully break-in, build and brand their game developments and businesses.

As a public speaker, Mark tours annually to industry conferences and colleges to motivate young entrepreneurs. Currently living in Redding, Ca. Mark is happily married and has three beautiful children and two grand children who continually inspire his creative pursuits!

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24 Replies to “ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: The Fear of Starting | Mark Soderwall | TEDxRedding”

  1. Thus video was three years ago and still much needed information. I have been working through my procrastination. I've started writing again and as soon as I did, my ideas didn't fit in with the previous ideas. I started another project and from the looks of it, I believe it could be a real breakthrough for me and my family. I'm staying optimistic. I am scared though. Thanks for this video.

  2. I'm trying to write a paper for coursework and he says to be original and innovative, god damnit that's exactly why I'm watching this video because I don't have anything original to write about.

  3. I agree with the uniqueness… but stating cal newport: Just following your passion is dangerous.
    Create first something the world needs instead of just being unique… what do you think?

  4. Although I appreciate the anecdote in this video, it didn't provide almost no value when it comes to tackling fear. I know it already that if I do x I might get y but to say just start is really bad advice. I am not suggesting you need a miracle to put action because as a matter of fact we all start but we hit a plateau very quickly and there when doubts sets in and we find ourselves slowly putting the work off for hours to days and months.

  5. I want to ask a question. I have been thinking about writing a fiction for quite a long time. But I fear that my vocabulary isnt good enough.And I am not good enough in structuring great sentences. So should I just start right now with what I know or start reading books to make myself better?

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