ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Your Everyday Entrepreneur | Jason Li | TEDxUChicago

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Your Everyday Entrepreneur | Jason Li | TEDxUChicago

Here’s Great Tip: Your Everyday Entrepreneur | Jason Li | TEDxUChicago

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Being a college student with a two-million dollar business under his belt, one might think that Jason Li has all the right connections. However, Jason argues that in life, it’s not about who you know, but who you don’t know yet.

Jason Li is a first-year at the University of Chicago and an entrepreneur from California.

Jason developed a strong passion for environmental impact and entrepreneurship. After learning about the e-waste crisis, he wanted not only to do his part, but to turn ‘”going green” into a rewarding effort, rather than a burdensome task. With an initial loan of $2,000 from his father and $43,000 dollars won from various competitions, Jason decided to address the e-waste crisis and founded iReTron.com, a social enterprise that buys back, refurbishes, resells, and donates used electronics. As a successful 15 year old entrepreneur, Jason eventually found his way to ABC’s show, Shark Tank. Leaving with an investment of $100,000 from Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran, Jason grew his company to earn more than two million dollars in 2014.

After coming to Chicago, Jason found a new passion in education and is currently working on building a new start-up, UProspie.com.

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  1. Very boring. I can't believe TedTalks would recruit him as a speaker. Did the actual speaker call in sick and they picked someone from the audience? Was the GM at the local Walmart too busy?

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