How To Make $12,800 in 8 Days With Affiliate Marketing

How To Make $12,800 in 8 Days With Affiliate Marketing

Having an email list is by far THE best way to make a HUGE amount of money in a very short time.

But how to you build that list to start with? what traffic source do you use?

Everything is explained inside this video… I hope you enjoy the view 😉


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  1. Jono, what platform do you use for video training, I am from Mexico, I am a therapist in acupuncture, auriculotherapy, biomagnetism and Chinese and Mexican herbalism, I want to do alternative medicine courses in Spanish.

    I understand that you host them on youtube or vimeo, but what program or platform you use to show them to the end user, I mean the screen we see when we enter your courses, on one side the content is ordered and on the other the video thumbnails appear And their titles.

    Thank you for all your knowledge, may God bless you and all your family.

  2. Awesome tutorial, Jono… thanks for sharing … Bing Ads to CPA offers is one of the best on your list for a newbie to get some experience and make commissions… There's some awesome courses / products on WarriorPlus+ that are perfect for newbies and there are also products that cover email marketing for beginners etc… see you in your next video tutorial

  3. As usual, great video, Jono. Your generosity in consistently giving us tips is just awesome. That is a teaching in itself. Thanks. You inspire me and I am taking notes. Keep it up and enjoy the peaceful time with your beautiful, ball of fun wife Cice.

  4. Another Awesome Video Jono, Thank You. One Thing Though, You Did Not Mention
    The JV Page. I presume That You Will Need To Create One When You Upload 2 Mucheye.
    Perhaps a Vid on A JV Page Would Help People ? 🙂

  5. Hey Jono, thanks for this great info, gives me hope, just got a new blog, and hopefully will get some subscribers, Lovely place you guys are at 🙂 hi to CeCe

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