Is Affiliate Marketing Easy? 😥

Is Affiliate Marketing Easy? 😥

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In today’s episode of “Five Minute Friday” we’ll be talking about how easy affiliate marketing actually is…. or.. isn’t


47 Replies to “Is Affiliate Marketing Easy? 😥”

  1. Great video! I can really relate to you personally. I've been doing Affiliate Marketing for a couple of months after spending a year watching videos on everything about making money online. My problem is keeping any of these funnel makers paid. I watched your video from a couple years ago. It was about making landing pages on WP. But I didn't quite understand the costs and where you got it from. Anyway, great video like I said!

  2. Great Video Jono, I'm still puttingin the 14 hour days but i did get my first sale of boomerang buddy and several with PWA, Project Profit Academy is great and Jonas has been a big help, thanks for all you guys do.

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  4. Well done Juno you should feel proud. I won't say much more because by reading the comment's I think alot has been said. I have been following you for a while and learning for about 3 yr's all I can say now is look out world because you will see my name up there soon.

  5. Thanks, Jono for starting and sharing this new segment of your YT Channel! I like: (1) the concept; (2) the content (looking forward to the future ones); (3) the look (loving the new set(!) and the videography (please share the camera and lighting filters that you are using). Since the content you will be sharing will run longer than 5 minutes, why not rename the segments "15 Minute Fridays". I believe your videos will run closer to or a tad bit longer than 15 minutes. Nonetheless, I'm not complaining because you always put out great facts and commentary! Happy New Year!

  6. New lighting looks good, Jono.

    The affiliate biz model and time involved:

    You came over from a 10 year e-commerce online success run having made 100's of 1000's and wanted a change.

    So you were an online pro coming into the affiliate business arena already and still needed a good 4 to 6 months to fit all the bits into place.
    You were a TV personality too, that skill was brought into the on camera YT review videos.

    Just pointing this stuff out,.that you coming to this market had previous experience whereas a huge percentage of folks do not.
    Might be a good indicator as to why you rose to your huge success in such a quick fashion.

    As they say in disclaimers, '''Not the usual results'''' .

    That said I applaud your new videography journey and putting out what will be some very nice advice and guidance in the months to come.

  7. Constructive feedback..the timer is distracting plus don't call it 5 minute Friday if it's longer than 5 minutes (ABC has a program 60 minutes that never goes past 60 minutes). Nonetheless Jono I think you are onto something; nice idea. I like the video and the intro

  8. Jono – if this is a sample of what to expect going forward I'll be on the edge of my seat. Over and above the content – your video work is truly good. Just as with your efforts to learn and excel at Affiliate Marketing your study of videography shows. Well done..

  9. Thanks Jono… for getting this content out there…appreciate your honesty etc etc… Looking forward to your next one. & Congratulations on your success in this business of Affiliate Marketing.. Happy Holidays

  10. Sir I try my best to contact with you through email and facebook but did not give me any response . I want to talk with you one time , i shall be thankful to you whole life for this kindness. plz

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