Merry Christmas! – We've (Finally) Moved to Bali!

Merry Christmas! – We've (Finally) Moved to Bali!

Let me know your 2021 Goals below
Let me know your thoughts on content for my channel in 2021 below


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  1. Keith Foote’s 2021 Goals with Ministry of Freedom

    Earn $10,000 per month by November 2021
    To accomplish this I will:
    Begin with rotator plus Pinterest I will earn $3,500 by February 13, 2021, leave rotator.
    Reward to myself – Have the interior of my house painted by a professional
    Using Launch Jack earn $4,000 by February 27, 2021.
    Reward to myself – Have professionals replace and expand my retaining wall
    Begin working on my own product March 01,2021
    Reward to myself – Re-carpet my house
    Market my own product and having 100 sales
    Reward to myself – have professionals redo the grass in the front and back of my house.

    60 Day Kick-Off January 24, 2021
    Building Schedule – Week of;
    January 24 Focus on Rotator and Pinterest (opps invested in this so going to use it )
    Earn – $500.00 by January 30, 2021
    January 31 Focus on Rotator and Pinterest
    Earn – $1000.00 by February 06, 2021
    February 07 Focus on Rotator and Pinterest
    Leave Rotator February 13, 2021
    Earn – $2,000 by February 13, 2021
    February 14 Launch Jacking
    Earn – $2,000 by February 20, 2021
    February 21 Launch Jacking
    Earn – $2,000 by February 27, 2021
    February 28 Begin building own product on March 01,2021
    March 08 Launch own product
    March 14 100 sales of own product by March 21, 2021
    March 21 forward
    Using product launching and launch jacking earn $10,000 per month.
    December 19, 2021 Earn a gross income of $105,500.

  2. JONO, I am one of your 20 students and I sadly bailed on the program. I got hurt at work, had surgery and went back to college.
    I was not good at keeping up on making the videos and doing reviews on the products. I failed myself. I have another year of school and yet I still want to make money online. I am not good at do the reviews / videos. bit, What is it that I can do with you and the group of insiders … to make it in 2021? PS: NICE NEW PLACE!

  3. Jono, Congratulations on your path to accomplishing previous and current goals. I have a simple request. As someone who is now modestly retired and moving to Bali in February (God and government willing), I like a lot of older non-techy guys feel over whelmed every time I look at an online business idea. Guess I either don't have what it takes or have had a lack of super clear, super simple ways to reach for it. They always make it sound so simple and even offer to "do lots for you" then you invest and find out you'll need even more to invest with both time and energy. I understand focus and work are needed but is there a relatively simple path one can follow as far as getting some extra income going??

  4. Hello Jono. I am interested To buy Ministry Of Freedom if You Provide me full support to touch $4k in my first month. I will give my 100% . I have good affiliate marketing experience , I have 150+ sales on jvzoo
    . I will wait for your reply.

  5. Impressive life goals Jono. Congratulation moving a new house in Bali. Loved the place! Saya senang kamu suka Bali. Indah bukan..? You got the right decision man. Yea, my goal is like you Jono tell you honest. I don't how …? Be successful antepreneur someday!, thats for sure..

  6. 1st of all…where's the pool table? hahaha. You could make a fully hosted membership software (there some already out there but not as useful), with a training course, products to giveaway to members, case study, niche study, etc. If you do that, I hope you'll give me the ultimate version for free for the idea Jono. Thanks

  7. Happy Xmas Jono, thank you for your frank discussion about making money online. One idea I feel will set you apart from all the rest and while the gurus all talk about this to use as "click-bait" none of them ever do, and that is showing a newbie exactly what to do to make a sale, I mean show the exact products and step by step setting it up and what exactly is done up to getting the first sale into PayPal.

    They all start-off great and then they all get vague at either the halfway mark or just don't come clean at all. 12 years of experience has shown me that about all of the gurus, including Ben Martin, Alex Becker and even Brendan Mace, is not telling it like it is. It's as though they start getting worried about letting the whole cat out of the bag and perhaps losing future sales due to competition or something. ,

    I write articles for 3 company's and work my butt off for many hours per day doing so, and for that I am paid a total amount of $50 and I have been getting that for 8 years. I have shown 158 people how to do the same and they make about $50 each per month. I hid NOTHING from them. You seem a nice enough guy, why not be different and tell it all, the exact Clickbank product and the exact steps from there to finish. You will have many more back-end sales, going the honest route and you will feel good about yourself as a bonus.

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