My Affiliate Marketing Blueprint To Success – Roadmap + Milestones

My Affiliate Marketing Blueprint To Success – Roadmap + Milestones

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Apologies in advance as I ran waaaaay over 5mins.

In today’s tutorial, i’m breaking down the mile stones in a roadmap / blueprint for affiliate marketing success.

🌋 Milestones: (covered in detail later) 🌋

🔹Decide on what type of list (email list)
🔹Buy / set up the tool
🔹Find / make a click magnet
🔹Create delivery page (welcome vid)
🔹Create delivery links / email
🔹Follow up series
🔹Brand Yourself (make free content)
🔹Build a landing page
🔹Connect everything
🔹Fuel the fire with traffic
🔹Launch Jack / Become a Good affiliate & hit leader-boards / get 🔹more confident on camera
🔹Make your own product
🔹Join the launch game
🔹Outsource Your entire business
🔹Make your own high ticket offer
🔹Learn how to do webinars
🔹Master paid traffic (YouTube Ads)
🔹Build your own sales team
🔹Make a million dollars lol

Make sure you master each step before moving onto the next one. Stay focused and consistent and you’ll get there.


17 Replies to “My Affiliate Marketing Blueprint To Success – Roadmap + Milestones”

  1. Hi Jono, this is now July 2019 and I have now watched 4 of your 5 minutes Friday tutorials. They are absolutely great. Thank you for taking the time to do them. I am now finally getting the picture. I am like most wannabe marketers out there, buying product after product and getting nowhere, not because the products are bad, I just had no idea how to put the process in motion properly. Thanks again and I wish you much success in your future endeavors.

  2. Hey Jono, awesome content, again, thank you. Your Idea of the 7 day challenge is great and I see there are already some in my inbox, get onto those next.

    My request from you for a tutorial please mate is about security on your WP site, I hear a lot of people saying bad things, what do you do to keep safe on your site?

    I am already a member of your and Brendan's PPA, fantastic program and well worth the investment to anyone looking to make it in this industry.

  3. Jono, I like your style, it's calm and clear, I have tried many different products but a lot lacked a key to help me move on, I particularly like the idea of outsourcing your business, but on the slightly negative side, (that is not my nature) are you cool at trusting people with your personal details, were you able to qualify them in some way??

  4. Great tutorial as always Jono, looking forward to more and the seven day challenge. What are your thoughts on PayPal at the moment with rumours of account closures, what are you doing to protect your accounts?

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