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  1. G'day Jono, Nice upgrades! Shure SM-7 needs some preamp EQ from about 4k+4dB (this will brighten enunciation, s, t, c, sounds). Side shot camera is crisp with great saturation and contrast. Front shot camera is either set to a really low frame rate or it is buffering or the mixer input is buffering. Calibrate your main video monitor and switch between cameras and try to set them so they look identical. Make front shot camera look like the side shot. Also find out where your audio output volume (VU (volume units) level is with voice it should average -10 to 0, with peaks under +5. I have a flat EQ setting and I am using RIAA reference at zero dB on the VU meter. I will tell you that your audio level is low (in the weeds) you can play with the gain controls to get more output. I am a senior lifetime member of S.A.C. (society of audio/video consultants) I have an easy way to get you EQ'd, you could do a private stream to me and I can be your sound man with the tech reference. Your audio is way low… only about 1/3 of where it should be. If you want to do this from what the audience reference is, then just hit me here > trustupnow at gmail dot com < PS, A Shure SM-7 is a dynamic mic and 150 ohms (low impedance) (low output) to make that mic shine it needs this! https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/CL1Cloud–cloud-microphones-cl-1-cloudlifter-1-channel-mic-activator. The difference is night and day.

  2. Too much packaging, branding …You always amaze me Jono. Your success never surprises me a bit. You got what it always takes to surpass anyone in online space. Good work bro, as I learn from your works

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