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Playlists are a really powerful and the most untapped traffic source on YouTube today. They appear in search results, and drive a ton of traffic to the channel owners who use playlists effectively.

Year after year, Playlist have withstood every algorithm change on YouTube and still are a radically powerful method to get traffic to any niche.

Playtraffic is the first playlist automation tool ever. It does everything you’ll ever need to market your YouTube channel and videos with playlists

Prices & Upsells

Upsell #1: “Playtraffic Pro” $67 ($14/mo)
Manage multiple channels, and create playlists on automation. Also publishes Playlists on automation to YouTube. 2 years of free upgrade + multiple machine licenses. Also lets you create more playlists every month.

Upsell #2: “Playtraffic Agency” $97 ($67/mo)
Manage unlimited projects & channels, create unlimited playlists a month. All features unlocked and 3 licenses + a VPS license.

Upsell #3: “TubeRankJeet 3 +Tube Tracker” $67
Two of the most powerful YouTube marketing software that help you find highly profitable niches and dominate them as well.

Upsell #4: “YouTube Domination Training” $27
Create massive channels, and dominate YouTube with this powerful training that shows you everything you need to know to be a pro YouTube marketer. Created by a YouTube creator who has millions of views on his channels.

Upsell #5: “Playtraffic Reseller & Whitelabel” $67 / $297
Resell Playtraffic & keep 100% of the profits. Also has Whitelabel option available for purchase only during the launch.

Here’s Are Some Key Benefits You May Be Interested In Getting:
+ 100% Fresh & powerful new YouTube traffic source
+ Desktop based, works on your computer (Windows / IOS Compatible)
+ Works on every niche possible
+ Target new keywords constantly for endless traffic
+ Playlists feature prominently in search results
+ Makes Playlist marketing a piece of cake

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Get PlayTraffic +Bonuses Here:

Get My FREE Training Here:…

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  1. you can not get this at a one time price anymore they cut it out only good for when it launch period if you got it all is good if you did not then it will be … $37.00 a year for the Playtraffic Elite Yearly you can get a $10.00 off so it will be $27.00 a year for a year right now

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