The IM Apprentice – Call 3 | How To Start Affiliate Marketing

The IM Apprentice – Call 3 | How To Start Affiliate Marketing

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23 Replies to “The IM Apprentice – Call 3 | How To Start Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Heya Jono! I've gone through this again but seem to have missed something. For the 5th bonus (Vendor Bonus from W+) what link do you put here? Do you just link them out to W+? Thanks again for the awesome content!

  2. Hey Jono,

    I am going through the entire training again on 2x speed with a pen and a paper to break down the complete business model.

    I'm just wondering if I could build out my Bonus pages on Convertri as I have an annual plan for building out funnels, I think it has 50 funnels and 500 pages.

    Also how long are you keeping your sales pages active in CG? as I would probably have to kill some sales pages every 6-month using Convertri in this system to free up pages to keep building em out.

    Cheers mate.

    Between the IM apprentice and 5 Min Fridays, you have basically given the roadmap to make a 6 figures business online.

  3. As I understood, Commission Gorilla costs 97$ yearly. Do you know If we have to buy some of the OTOs to be able to use countdown timer and make unlimited bonus pages or it is all included in the yearly plan? Love your videos!

  4. Hi Jono, this is great training and looking forward to the next call. I have done some of this before and luckily still have Commission Gorilla and other tools to use. The training is just what I need as a refresher for starting up again.

  5. Truly valuable… I suppose we could also use wp and optimize press to create the same formula for the bonuses and such with a little tweaking… Love how you think about the houses to implement. Can't wait for the next video. Downloading each to savor on my phone for later.

  6. Wohoo!!! Hey Jono, it is working! 🙂 Finally get the Commission Gorilla through your link, make everything as you did in the video anddd…… get sales Yeea 🙂 Thank you so much for the inspiration and tips you are constantly providing! Beyond grateful 🙂

  7. the bonus page timer — If someone buys after the time period — does the bonus page still show ? – and if not — how does it skip by it ? Is commission gorilla controlling skipping by the bonus page after the bonus expired ?

  8. Jono is blessing always giving back more then what we deserve. I have a question bro what are your custom dimensions for your graphics when you make them in Canva?

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