Time To Take Action…. (I've Done 80% Of The Work For You) | Affiliate Marketing 101 | Make Money

Time To Take Action…. (I've Done 80% Of The Work For You) | Affiliate Marketing 101 | Make Money

Get Commission Gorilla Here: https://youtu.be/jEKHkijMsZk

Commission Gorilla Import Code: 28795D17F94F909BBLKR1V

My Review Video Creation Course: http://jono-armstrong.com/launchjacking16489532iuyrt

I hope you will take action and finally make some money online tomorrow. Use the tools I’m giving you in this video to get started.

I can’t guarantee you will get results but I can guarantee that you will gain some good experience here.


35 Replies to “Time To Take Action…. (I've Done 80% Of The Work For You) | Affiliate Marketing 101 | Make Money”

  1. HY!!!jono I have bought your dfy funnels but I am not getting my affiliate links approved by the product owners not even Branden is approving my request atleast u should approve your own members so they can promote ur product……this will be a waste of 37 dollars if even u donot approve my request…..

  2. Hi Jono. I really appreciate the generosity. Very grateful. I didn't see your email until July 1 basically, but was determined that though I would miss the launch, due mostly to webcam issues, I would do it anyway just for the sake of practice, not expecting much to come from it, 4 days after the fact. I just completed the review video and uploaded it. It is not that great, but I will appreciate your comments and critique. Don't go easy on me. 🙂 Video link is https://youtube.com/watch?v=qbN9Sbtxf8c .

  3. Thanks for the motivation, after many things that got in the way, I finally got my first "Jono Style" review up. Along the way discovered just how old my PC is, and my laptop. My phone takes way better video, that I couldn't use because my computers are so slow. When I finally got a good take, the sound had crazy interference that I just decided to go with and kind of fixed in audacity and Wondora, still sounds a bit weird. Check it out https://youtu.be/I_llbP708J0 Thanks again, so much, for the push!!!

  4. Commission Gorilla got really expensive… I've always had my eye on this one but when I've decided to actually take the leap I saw it changed to a monthly payment and not a once off like before. Well, like the saying go "You snooze you loose"

  5. Hello Jono first if all awesome video. I've been through your launch jacking course and learned a lot and bout start implementing the things you said, now, at the end, at the last video you mentioned bout a course where I can rank the reviews videos to the first page of Google, but when I clicked the link it didn't went to the page, but just the general front page of jvzoo, where can I find your course on how to rank those review videos?

  6. Hey Jono – you rock again!!!! thanks! I do have a quick question: Where do I put my email address for the bonuses. If I put that info on the sales page, or inside the review video, or in my email sequence – they'll just send the request to me for the bonuses – without buying DFY Hero first????

  7. Nice one Jono, you're a diamond. 4 dislikes??? life's a funny old thing full of ups and downs but why people have got to be so negative when they're being given an opportunity really baffles me, keep up the good work dude :):):)

  8. Hi Jono, You are great, but your good offers are with conditions that ask to pay.The brokes still remain broke.However,if this one week free trial of Commission Gurilla works than this gift of your's will make my first commissions. Thanks for being so transparent and honest in giving away solid tool to click.

  9. OMG this is simply amazing. So well explained, easy to take action and everything provided from A to Z. The only action required is the part on affiliate links, activate Clickbank and Commission Gorilla and go through the video creation training. It cannot get any more simpler and transparent. Thanks for sharing the actionable step by step process. For the first time I feel confident that I can do it and make some money. Thanks Jono for sharing such invaluable tips and advice on affiliate marketing leveraging the tools on hand. Truly appreciated. Now it's action time and hope to share my feedback after implementation. This kind of training is the missing piece!

  10. Jono…nobody does this! You've been setting the bar high for every other affiliate marketer out there, ( I think you already know that 😉 )

    So many affiliate marketers are copying what Jono does, because it works! guys and gals.

    To the haters…like Jono says…haters gonna hate, but do you not realize what is being offered here?
    You don't make money online by doing nothing. What Jono has offered here, is something that takes me almost 3 hours to do as a novice. He's cut your time down by 75% or more….
    He's created all of the thumbnails for the bonus page, and then saved the images, and then uploaded them one by one with the bonus links attached so that they will all show up on the bonus delivery page together, and he has also set up the whole Commission Gorilla page to look freaking awesome and to be congruent with the product.
    If you want to make money online, then Jono is the guy you want to follow.

  11. Tbh haven’t had much motivation to do this yet cause I’m tying to get extra work for a car cause mines totaled technically it’s The car you see in the pic got any work as a VA? I’d hate to ask but needing a stay at home job

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