13 Replies to “Traffic Issue SOLVED!”

  1. Hi Jono. Was wondering… have you actually used Igor's Solo Ad service? I have been very tempted to try it out. In fact, I got very close to doing so, but ended up using those funds for something else instead. So, again… have you actually used Igor's Solo Ad service? What were your results? Would you recommend others to utilize Igor's Solo Ads?

  2. Once again excellent idea Jono however it always seems to be ESt and all the people in the uk miss out once again as it is approc 01.00am in the morning if you do it at 8.00 est or early in the morning so a lot of customers on these calls get left out

  3. Igor traffic secrets… Well, since he sells Solo Ads it might be something like that. But, with YouTube ads, Bing PPC, Press Releases, Articles, PPC on Pinterest, Facebook, Pay Per View, OutBrain Banner Ads etc., there really is a ton of traffic in the paid space… Then there's SEO and re-targeting if you have time to wait for some results. So traffic really isn't the problem; having a good converting offer so you earn more than you spend is the real "Trick" cause if you make even a few percent above your ad spend then you can reinvest and scale up. but if you have limited funds and lose on your ad spends then you'll soon be out of business!

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