29 Replies to “Why Is Coaching So Expensive? | Introducing "Kelvin"”

  1. Why are the Kelvin's of the world there? They are like this because of fear of being ripped off or being ripped off again with products that do not work or get any results like launch jacking which is swamped with competition which helps no one. Market saturation is a real problem online with lots of red oceans full of people fighting over the scraps. This does not happen when you discover your own blue ocean which is where the competition is nonexistent and you can win. The blue ocean is found in your own creativity. Innovators get everything while copycats get nothing. Sam Ovens

  2. Yes, it's helpful Jono! Awesome video. Love Kelvin style!!! Every day I am seeing and meeting lots of Kelvin!! Those asking me why I am doing Affiliate, what will be the use etc etc

  3. Coaching is never cheap especially if you want to learn from the BEST! There are too many people like Kelvin, want to spend minimum or even Free and expect to get rich quick! There's no such thing and they don't realize it but only to blame others.

  4. Yes, great course. I actually Made $5,535.29 so far, regarding your course. Your Ads program I would strongly recommend to others as well as your affiliate course. Thanks for your hard work JONO!! Also, this is one of your best videos I have seen. I bet the editing was rough… LOL. Lots of hard work!! Best, Lance Groom

  5. Hi, I received comments from few people. Saying ,If I don't generate 10k$ with in 2 months., you will block that person from every where.
    I was mad my mind to join your program and decided to arrange the money I beg borrow and arranged for EXPENSIVE training program, when I saw you I thought I found you, I thought I will learn from the jem person like you.
    Please suggest me.

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