9 Replies to “YouTube Video Ranking Mastering”

  1. Ja Jono, I've tried most of what you've taught in your tutorial videos in particular the ones on Warrior Plus & MunchEye. Results so far are quite disappointing like you'll not believe! Perhaps it was because you didn't elaborate that some features are charged for when used? I've been trying to get to promote products as an affiliate but it looks like there's much to know than you put it (or at least according to me).

    You said you should go to the JV page of a vendor where you get the promo link and more…Then you download the promo video somewhere within, you convert it to mp$ and download it before re-uploading to youtube. After days of doing this, if any of the content is bought (be it software or whatever that was being advertised on the promo video, I get paid.) Jeez, its been a while and I'm beginning to think this is some gigantic bullshit as well…

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